Types of PCB mounting

PCB  assembly consists of complex operations involving the installation of special components and soldering them to the printed circuit board. The versatility of the installation process of capacitors, buttons, LED indicators and other components allows the use of a variety of materials and substrates when mounting printed circuit boards and, to create reliable elements, adapt to the frequently changing volumes of production of electrical units and individual components. Installation of printed plans in pcb manufacturer singapore of PCB assembly.

The process of mounting printed circuit boards includes the following steps:

  • preparation of elements for soldering;
  • fluxing and applying solder paste;
  • creation of solder joints;
  • cleaning of connections and verification tests.

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Each assembly line may have its assembly steps. Regardless of the number of stages in any particular product, the main condition is the high-quality assembly of printed circuit boards to further ensure the reliability of the devices in which these boards will be used.

Varieties of PCB mounting

  • Installation of printed circuit boards is one of the main services offered by Cable Technologies.
  • Many provide services for the production of the following types of printed circuit board assembly:
  • output mounting of printed circuit boards, which is the mounting of components into the surface of the board;
  • surface mounting of printed circuit boards s also called SMD technology;
  • mixed PCB mounting, which combines lead and surface mount technologies.

The most common way is to mount printed circuit boards using SMD technology. With its help, it was possible to achieve maximum automation of production and reduce the labour intensity of the installation processes, which made it possible to reduce the cost of production, especially in conditions of mass production.