Factors You Need to Know About Edutrust Consultant

The Committee of Private School education (CPE) in Singapore regulates private education institutions (PEIs), and edutrust consultant is the industry pioneer in ERF, EduTrust Consulting, and quality assurance frameworks.

Their assistance with ERF or EduTrust Accreditation submissions and renewals goes beyond standard consulting. They challenge conventional, antiquated approaches to operating schools by providing choices to completely digitize your operation and regulatory needs. To precisely align the school with the criteria of the ERF and the EduTrust application, we also create exact routines and processes.

What do they do?

The Committees for Private School education (CPE) in Singapore administers the optional EduTrust certification program for private educational institutions. The program gives private educational institutions a way to stand out as having attained better standards in effective management and service delivery areas. Although the EduTrust certification program is optional, it is one of the requirements that private educational institutions that accept overseas students must complete to be eligible for the Border and Checkpoint Authority’s issuance of student passes (ICA).

edutrust consultantInternal Evaluation:

They undertake internal assessments for PEIs to guarantee the caliber and efficacy of their EduTrust structures and procedures and the compliance of their operations with written rules and procedures.

Management Evaluation:

They help PEIs conduct management reviews to assess the organization’s effectiveness and ensure it is on track to fulfill its goal and vision. The EduTrust Certification has seven requirements. This criterion looks at how the PEI undertakes strategic planning and shows dedication to realizing its mission. Each standard is broken down into several sub-criteria and elements, with statements outlining each item’s specifications.