Motivation Shayari Poetry in Contemporary Society

In this ever-changing 21st century, with its rapid technological advances, we are inclined to take in information in short blasts. We read emails and text messages quickly, surf the internet, often in haste, flitting from page to page through hyperlinks. We also tend to read fewer newspapers, magazines and more articles of substance. Appreciating creative poetry can spur other fine creative pursuits.myrelist

We are a society of channel surfers, with hundreds upon hundreds of diverse specialty channels beamed into our living rooms through satellite and cable. We watch a little of this, a bit of that, all of the while using our thought processes interrupted by frequently inane advertisements designed to convince us to buy something we may or may not require. Consider poetry it is concise writing intended to enlighten, entertain, and provoke deep thought. Poetry is meant to be read then reread, then reread again. When done well, a poem may resonate for many years using an individual, something they turn to again and again for relaxation, enjoyment, knowledge, and inspiration.

First off, reading great poetry rubs off on us, usually without us realizing it. Reading it induces us to consume the rhythms, cadences, and nuances of words, phrases, and sentences. The more we read quality poetry the more we create an elegant way with words, together with a storehouse of words. This manifests itself in the quality of our own reading, talking, and writing. The more we read fine poetry, the more adept we become with using language.

Poetry, like all excellent literary writing needs our attention. It demands we sit down and spend time in the act of studying, and in the act of meditating on motivation shayari and pondering what we have read. Again, it demands rereading too, so we are sure to glean the intended meaning of the poem more fully. We do quality writing no justice when we treat it like the fast Food kind of information we are bombarded with daily. That is why poetry should be read in a quiet area with no distractions, in book form, words on paper which we can touch and feel as we read.

Reading a poem can often inspire you to try their hand at writing one themselves. This begins the creative process rolling in which the person begins to put their thoughts and feelings into words, organized logically. This creativity spurs critical thinking and helps us understand ourselves and the world around us better as we research a topic in-depth. A poem may also inspire you towards other creative tasks. Someone may not write a poem, but the poem they read can inspire them to indulge in a craft, painting, to get a musical instrument, sculpt, or pursue photography or any other creative activity.