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A steadily expanding number of associations on the Russian market are beginning to work earnestly in return among Turkey and Russia. This the truth is related with the improvements of trade relations between the two countries, interest for quality items and engaging conditions of supply in connection with various orientation. Among various countries Turkey holds the 6th circumstance with respect to import to Russia and the fourth to the extent passage. Abolishment of visa framework between the two countries from April 17, 2011, settlement of movement terms, using traffic frameworks by techniques for progression of boat organization between 12 ports of the Black Sea and railroads, improvement of sea ports, advancement of the moving terminals coordinate, improvement of customs methodologies will add to the strengthening of trade relations between the two countries.

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According to gauges by researchers by 2015 the volume of outside trade assignments will augment from 26 billion US dollars the eventual outcome of 2010 up to 100 billion US dollars. This infers the volume of cargo transportation from Turkey to Russia will similarly build up every year. The most notable product purchased by interstate moving services in denver is the going with. Materials, floor covers, sustenance things vegetables, normal item, oats. improvement materials, building things. This information is also asserted with investigate performed by associations. Therefore, according to the data of TLT Group, which oversees cargo transportation among Turkey and Russia, more than 50 % of all payload of the association are material and moment articles of clothing. Product may be passed on from Turkey through sea, air and land transport. Items are for the most part passed on by means of sea and land transport, now and then through air.

Transportation through air is the most expensive other option. It is feasible just if the assessment of the actual payload is exorbitant or needed to land at objective inside the briefest time possible. 90 % of all heaps on the area of Turkey are passed on through land transport. Transportation of cargo by rail is incapably made and wholes just to 5 %. Most piece of burden is sent from Turkey to various countries through sea transport. The space of the country on the shoreline of the Black Sea grants to pass on cargo from Turkey to the ports of the Black Sea of Russia or Ukraine by means of sea transport inside the most restricted time. A smoothed out land transport entry to Russia through the Eastern Europe. Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine. It is this path which is used for land transportation from Turkey. At this moment to the improvement speeds of outside monetary activity volumes Turkey is one of the pioneers among the assistant countries of Russia.