PBC board manufacturer available in Singapore

Promax PCB is a full-service (Printed Circuit Board) PCB company in Singapore. They strive to provide high-quality PCB products and services, including PCB fabrication, layout design, assembly, component sourcing, and more. This is the top pcb board manufacturer available in Singapore.

Promax products and services-

PBC board manufacturer available in Singapore

Being a top PCB manufacturer in Singapore, they have a highly-qualified team that can take charge of all the customer’s PCB needs, from developing high-tech PCB prototypes to enabling full-screen PCB production. A few of their services include –

  • Vias – The copper-plated holes in the printed circuit board that cause the layers to attach are vias. A through hole via is considered normal, but there are many limitations to using a through the hole, as in Surface Mount Technology (SMT). For this function, instead, they use a blind via or buried via when making circuit boards.
  • Research and Product Development – Promax technology is among the rare PCB manufacturing companies in Singapore that would help to plan and develop the products, services, technology, and processes. In addition to producing new products, it can also be used to improve an existing product or service with edit functionality leading to the discovery of a brand new product, product line, or service.
  • Impedance Control PCB – Impedance management consists of calculating the impedance of such stresses and ensuring that they are under the limits provided by the designer when the PCB is produced.

It also helps PCB assemblies. Promax Technology Integration is a one-stop solution for all the PCB-associated requirements, despite the required PCB assembly services, PCB design in layout, or PCB fabrication in Singapore.