There is almost 25% of the population who reach an ecstasy by just blowing candles and cutting the cliché cakes on their birthdays. But the remaining 75% always look forward to having a party with wonderful birthday themes to enjoy. Due to this, sometimes it becomes a tedious task to meet up to their expectations whilst arranging a party for them.

White Spatula offers all kinds of desserts tables that would act like the cherry on the cake. Rather than a regular party, a themed one would more of a nice gist to it. Based on whose birthday it is, age group matters the most. There can’t be pink balloons at a tycoon’s party.

Themes should be well organized in a subtle manner that goes well with the likes and dislikes of a person. There are several types of themes that can be arranged with specific dessert tables like princess, adventure, camping, superheroes, military grade, musical and colored ones. Element of surprise is the most important thing in case if the organizer wishes to add more charm of that theme.

A beautiful backdrop for photo-taking is another element that white spatula provides as it is always mandatory to capture memories whilst you are living them. In Singapore, people are loving the various set-ups and unique themes which they are exploring and booking for birthdays as well as other occasions. Also, different kinds cakes including customized ones have been designed with tier of several flavors.