HR Outsourcing Singapore: Know the Details!

Outsourcing includes obtaining various work functions through a third party. The outsourcing model has made a bad name for itself because it can sometimes make it difficult for employees to understand who their employer is, and essential instructions for hr outsourcing singapore.

Compared to outsourcing, employer of record provides several advantages:

Control: With the employer of record, you find the candidates, recruit them, and then the employer of record adds them to a pay system that complies with standards. You keep the management, and you’re the only ones who can decide when to take them in at the company, and if necessary, when to fire them.

Transparency: when you enter into a business partnership with a reputable employer of record, you and your employees will gain a clear understanding of the terms of employment, as well as the overall relationship between the employer, employee, and employer of record, with all the information presented and detailed in the employment contract that complies with all standards.

Access to talent: highly skilled workers are looking for competitive offers that include benefits. With an employer of record, you can offer employees competitive benefits packages to help attract top talent.

Intellectual property: can you confidently entrust your company’s intellectual property to an outsourcing agency? The answer is no. When you recruit through an employer of record, you can make sure that your company’s intellectual property is fully protected through the standards-compliant employment contracts.
Employer of record allows you to offer your employees an attractive benefits package, giving you access to leading international talent. Providing a competitive offer signal to employees that your company is serious about connecting long-term.